Ten thousand views and some finger pointing

After a lot of years this blog reached the 10 000 views! It is a small number for a serious blog, but being me... I am happy!
I noticed that if I "advertise" the posts in FB they get up to three/four times more views than if not... but I have decided to stop doing that for the more personal posts. If somebody wants to know something about my life, should come here directly! I, on the other hand, decided to keep advertise more neutral posts (AAHH!!! I cannot lose all of the views!!).

Then... some finger pointing:

Isn't this man the best?
I watched two movies in these last days: Cowboys & Aliens and The Fugitive. Boy how good is he in both of them!

About The Fugitive there is not a lot to say, but I was surprised from Cowboys & Aliens... the movie is pretty good! It could be better, of course. But it is pretty good.
The could have used less aliens, for example. There are really too much of them to be a party scouting! And then... how come that the aliens are always stronger and more intelligent than us? Make them physically stronger or mentally stronger, but why both?
They also could have used a bit more care in what was going on (they spend the night in a boat and the next morning... they are already so far away from it that you cannot see it when they are leaving?
And then... too many things thrown down at the same time!
But... in the end... a nice movie, with really good actors... and him!
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