Amsterdam: day 1

Well, here I am in this mean old town.

A price is provided for who will tell me from where I took this verse.

I am in Amsterdam, drinking belgique beer and enjoying the evening.
I've arrived tonight, after a quick flight from Milan in which I've been the babysitter for a young girl from Morocco who was flying to Amsterdam to meet her to be husband (true story, I cross my heart!).
Then a taxi driver who could not understand numbers left me at the wrong end of one of Amsterdam's longest street, and then the B&B I booked gave me:
1. a room with no light in it;
2. a bathroom (shared) with no light in it;
3. the wrong room.

Following this I met a nice waitress (Annamaria) who has been my welcome to Amsterdam. And then one of the apartments I was to visit tomorrow is discovered to be in "tanta di mona" as the venetians says (it means far far away...).

Now I am finishing my second beer and going back to my new room, with light (and the bathroom too)...

Good night!
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