Last years: a balance. Body! (Part 1)

As this story of relocating to the East, the far East, is slowly fading away, I started to think about my life.
I am a 38 years old man from Italy, who at 30 changed his life, moved to a foreign country, Greece, and started a new life. After 7 years as a software developer I entered the fascinating world of tourism.
And now, 8 years later, where am I?
What have I become? Did I changed a lot? I became somebody else?

To answer that questions I should try to understand what I am now and remember how I was then.

Now I am a man approaching the forties with a wrecked body and a still young appearance. The soul is somehow high the 35% of the time, my imagination has faded a lot, my intelligence... where never there to help too much.

I'm becoming more spherical, in a lot of ways, not the last the physical way and this is bothering me a lot. I'm trying to revert this changing, but my body is not helping me. All of the battles I had (and most of them lost) in sports are now coming back to make my body pay the toll. I've got a really bad right knee (don't really know why, apart from an hyper extended collateral ligament I had no other major problems there), a somewhat bad left knee (and there... who knows?!? Never a problem...), aching left and right ankle (a lot of sprained ankles... that's the problem), but in later years not that much (I'm not using them, as I'm doing NOTHING as regular sports in the last year...), a really bothering heel, that's just aching and aching every single day (my fault... jumped with tongs on... and landed awkwardly...). That's in the lower half of the body. Than coming up, low back spasm, belly problems (as in my belly is becoming to lose its temper... and lose its form, shape, size... too many beers?!?), high back spasm, left shoulder aching every single day and night (again my fault... I'm a stupid moron who started his bike with the block on the front brake on... that's right, I had an motorbike accident from a still position and I dislocated my left shoulder and never healed it properly...) and finally neck problems.

How the hell could I possibly have ended up with so many physical problems?!? Easy answer: I have done a lot of sport with a body that wasn't really made for it.
I'm 1m70cm tall (in my dreams!! I'm actually 1.67/1.68...) who for the most part of his career weight 51/54 kilos. I played football (european football, of course) since I was 12 in a semi professional team. I played midfielder for the most part of it, and I was the one to defend the midfield against people 20 cm taller than me and 20 kilos heavier than me and I still managed to be considered a strong midfielder. I was known for never stop running (they called me "twenty lungs" for a long time), I also played in the defence for some time and was equally successful there. I jumped higher and longer than most of the people I knew, I run faster and have longer resistance. And it was painful every single day. I had to work so hard that today... well... some bits are falling apart.
I played football in a team till I was 31, than just started playing it every week once or twice for something like 2 years. Than I've done nothing for years, and by nothing I mean some activity, but nothing on a weekly basis. And it get worst... for about 4 years I've done really nothing. And at 36 I started playing football again in a team (a team for old people! Above 30 years old...) and played a whole season with them. Then I discovered Padel and played for a year.
And now I am in Paris, my knees hurt, my heel hurt, my shoulder hurt and I'm becoming a round ball... and it's difficult to get back in shape when everything hurts! But I'll try...



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