How to hell I ended up going to Kuala Lumpur

So, some explications are needed.
I've moved to Paris in November 2012 to be nearer to civilization and parents and friends.
After some struggling looking for a job I ended up working as a receptionist in a fine and nice 4 stars hotel in centre Paris.
It was not ideal but it was not bad at all. Not too much work to be done and fairly paid, and the colleagues are nice too.
I started working there in February and since then stopped looking for a job. The idea was to settle down a bit and then looking for a better position: assistant front office manager or front office manager in some bigger hotel.
And then come Wednesday June the 26th. An email was sent to one of my one thousand address and I answered. They said they found my CV on a french site on which I looked for jobs in the past winter and if I was interested in such an experience as working as Front Office Manager in their hotel. Only problem was that the hotel was located in Kuala Lumpur.
I answered, more or less just to see if it was true or a joke, and they answered back. And I answered again an on Monday the 1st of July a telephone interview was arranged. We talked for half an hour, more or less (we meaning me, Human Resources Manager and the Manager of the hotel) and they said they will contact me the next day.
From Paris to Kuala Lumpur there are 6 hours difference, when here is morning there is evening. So Tuesday I waited for some news the whole morning but nothing happened. I went to work at 1 pm and still no news. Then evening come and I received an email from the hotel. It was the contract... and I started to become a bit nervous... I open the contract... and it was a good one.
I talked with my girlfriend, I talked with some friends, parents, sister... and I didn't know at all what to do! Once the thing became real, I was really scared!
I answered back that I need some time to think. I knew that my girlfriend would not live her job for the moment, and that was an enormous problem. And Kuala Lumpur is quite far away, you know? So... long story short, we decided that it is a too good opportunity and that we will manage in some way (thank you for your words, when you manage to tell them... my little one!) and on Thursday evening I send back the contract signed and everything.
Now I'm just waiting to know when my flight will live, it will be on the first week of August. I give notice of my intention to quit from my current job and I am scared as hell now, but I'll manage it some way (I'm not that scared... it's just a new experience and it's easy to get a bit stressed...).
So, this is the story so far. From not looking for a new job and wanting to stay in Europe for as long as possible to relocating to Kuala Lumpur in 1 week: IMPRESSIVE!!
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