Lost cat for 15 minutes

After a long day of work (not true, I worked 7h57minutes today...) I arrived at home. Opened the door and, unusually, the male cat came to cheer me. I "talked" a bit, smiled to me and head for the food (really cat like). The fact is that this morning I forgot to fill the cup... and so I head to the balcony, took the food box and filled the two cups (we have 2 cats and one is more bastard then the other when it comes to eat... as all cats!)... and the female cat (the little one) didn't show up.
Mmmhh... I started to think, really strange... I started to look around, first room, second room, bathroom: nothing. Second round, first room, below the bed, inside the wardrobe, outside the window, second room, below the bed, inside the wardrobe, bathroom, inside the bathtub, kitchen, living, balcony... nothing.
I started to be worried. I left this morning at 9 and came back at 5 pm... 8 hours, everything could have happened!
I looked down from the balcony, three storey down there is the road... imagined that if she fell down there it would be really difficult to find her. Hoped she fell (or jumped) down our bedroom's window, there the alley is closed and could be kept inside for hours.
I took plastic and glass bottles to take to the recycle bin, just to act as nothing was happening (hoping that nothing has happened!) and went outside. I called her a bit, outside in the road, next to the bin and thought that if she fell outside... really difficult to find her again... and my little love would have been destroyed!
I came back to our block and entered by the bottom door, thinking that cats are lazy and if the have to walk they'll go downstairs and not upstairs. I called her again softly, check in another corridor, went back and heard a little voice... she was there!! On the stairs (similar to ours) to another apartment, waiting for someone to rescue her.

... UFF!!!! What a luck! She fell down from the bedroom window... mmmhh... really?!? I am a bit scared that the other cat is no longer stand the little one... we will see.

By now I shut the window... now it's "cold" enough to not have to keep it open the whole time... 

More on "CATS" in the next episode!
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