An amazing bunch of friends

I just got back to Italy, for the first time I'll be working from "home", meaning, this time, my parent's home!

I am quite excited about this opportunity. I want to see how it feel to sit next to my father while he translate and I work. I know, by the way, that luckily it will last only 1 week... because more... hey! It's still my parent's place, I can't stand stay in the same place for so long!

But it's not this I was going to write about. I was on the bus, taking me from the airport to the train station, and I was looking outside, remembering other times I went back on the same bus and some melancholy struck. And when melancholy strikes, you never know where your mind will go!

And mine started thinking about my childhood friends... those that were really friends, not for just a season, but for long years, the same friends that you still think about in rainy nights... and when you meet everything starts right after from it stops when you left. I am a lucky person and I've got a bunch of them (and one that left... and it still hurts, but she is with us, everyday!). And I was thinking where we are today, those handful of friends that between 14 and 20/23 where so close that almost we could have called ourselves brothers (and sister...).

There is me, in Amsterdam, speaking 4 languages, having changed life and career 3 times. But I was the dumbest one when we were young too.

One is a Chef, and a quite good one, mark my word. Who lived in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, worked in an amazing hotel, studied Japanese... well, an amazing person (whom I will forever thank for hosting me when I was completely lost).

One is the best seller I've ever seen... had a striking career in hospitality, lost everything, and get back on top in 2 years. Never able to rest, quite annoying, if I have to say... but helped me in one of the darkest periods of my life. And the f**king bastard lives in paradise!

Then one is a lawyer, who opened a winery, created a market, got "robbed"... and is about to open a new one.

One is a plumber... who builds his own stereo systems from scratch, who kites (-surf), who has a manual instinct to build/repair whatever he comes across.

One has a pastry shop... and that's already enough... because he is the one making them.

Well... now that I wrote what we did... maybe we are not so special. But I am honoured to think that I can call them "friends".
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