Amsterdam: 1 year (plus 1 day)

AMSTERDAAAAM AMSTERDAAAMMM... ce ne andiamo tutti insieme tutti insieme ad Amsterdam!

One year has passed. I will not say that it has been quick. It has been, on the contrary, full of long days and long nights. Not most of them, but a lot of them. It has been a quick change in life that I was not expecting to do, and that I didn't wanted to do. But it has happened. The change, actually, begun some time before, but the 22nd of October has been the start of My Life, part 3.0 (or whatever other number, I changed life so many time that I don't know at which version of myself I am at now). After a month of pure desperation (1 week, actually, than thanks to some amazing friends, things started getting better) I was ready to arrive in a complete new city, with almost no friends (one, just one friend) and no knowledge of the language and the people, ready to start again from the ashes. Ashes of what? Of myself. Again and again. Funny thing, I am really good a that (there is a wonderful song from Ben Harper, Learn it all again tomorrow: "Turns out what I am good at doing, is making something out of the ruin").

Well, the beginning has been hard at times, but not that much, I must say.

Met a wonderful person the first night I was here, met wonderful people during the months I've lived here. It's a good city this to start from scratch.

And now a whole year has passed. I've got a nice apartment to live in, a good job and really good co-workers, some really really new good friends, a guitar (I've always got a guitar, come on!!), two chords... ok, I am joking. I've got almost everything I need except... except... hahahah!! I will not say it, but yes, you know that I miss you.

But also that will change; slowly, time will pass and life will take a new course. For today, 1 whole year plus 1 day after arriving here, I must admit that I am quite happy about my situation and my life. I maybe am not yet fulfilled, but again, that will come and in due time.

Happy Amsterdam-B-Day to ME!
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