Interstellar: what goes and what goesn't... ehm... doesn't go! [part I]

So, I watched the movie, enjoyed it (you should already know, by now, having read this) and I read about it on I 400 Calci (in Italian, but simply wonderful site on movies).

I want to (and will) go to watch it a second time (this time I'll chose a not Imax theatre, a really nice one: The Movie, in AMS), as a lot of things I've lost (thank you damn Texan accent!) and some I've probably already forgot.

But having read about the movie and talked with friends about it, I fell that I want to line down the things that didn't worked so well, weren't so clear or simply... I didn't appreciated much. And also what, on the contrary, was working. All of that... by my own opinion, obviously!

So, from now on is SPOILER ALERT!!

1. We are at some point in the future, not too much... but where the hell all of the mobile phones have gone?
1.1 and what about Google Maps (or any other such service)? Do you really need paper maps to look for NASA? Really? It's '95 again?

2. Ok, we got it, there is a problem with dust. So, any other way of keeping it out of houses other than... having windows and doors that really shut things up?!?
2.1 Your kids are dying from this dust, no way of setting up masks so that when they are outside (since inside... doors and windows should shut the dust outside...) they don't inhale the dust?!?

3. Crops are dying... of what? Really? We have lost the ability to  create GMOs which could withstand whatever it is it's killing them???

4. We cannot protect ourselves and our children from dust, but building a huge space station that leave orbit from the ground... YEP! No problem! (Even before the resolution of the formulas by McConaughey's daughter).

5. No cell phones, no Google Maps, but a laptop with directional antenna to hack a flying drone... YES!

6. Space station with gravity thanks to centripetal acceleration due to station rotating on it's central axe. You dock 2 identical shuttle in the middle, and you dock them so that the floor is on the inner side?!? Why? Do you enjoy being shot out of your seat when unfastening your seat belt?!?

7. Ok, you are in a hurry, but at least scan the planet where you are to land for, let's say, 1 hour? Just to learn that it's covered in water or it's simply an ice desert?

Ok, that's it for now... waiting to watch this movie for a second time...


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