Interstellar or... f**k it, Nolan... you got me! Science it's not credible enough, better study MAGIC!

I just got back from watching Interstellar.

No other way to put it. I LOVED it!

Let me be clear: there are bullshits around the whole movie and it's far from a perfect one. But I went out of the theatre and could just think: I just saw the new "2001 - A space Odissey".

Of course I can be wrong... or better... I am sure I am wrong. But I really enjoyed this movie. Again, with all the stupid problems it presents (why, tell me, oh! Why, they cannot build better ways to protect themselves from... dust?!?!? Or why they are still using petrol for cars? And Google Maps!?? Where Google Maps has gone, by God!!).

So, go out there in the wild and watch it! Is a wonderful way to spend 3 hours of your life!

Unless... unless you think that building a fucking Ark that fly through space (and, most importantly, leave the gravitational pit of Earth from the SURFACE) is less probable and believable then rupturing Space-Time continuum!

Yes... It's so strange for me to think about that as a huge problem in a movie as it is so difficult for some of my friends to try to believe it! It's magical! It's Harry Potter's style (thanks Ale... this is yours... hehehe)!

The comments from my friends help me understand that Physics have gone so far in studying our universe that people sees it as MAGIC. It has happened before, a lot of times, but I thought that we were now past the Witches' hunt at least since the XX century. But evidently the last developments of Physics are so far away from the normal understanding of nature that it's easier to believe, in a movie, that a guy got bitten by a radioactive spider and got superpowers than that time is not linear and mono-directional. Or that maybe there could be different Time dimensions (not to mention more-than-3-space-dimensions universes...).

Who knows who is right I don't know. But these are interesting times, and the movie is as good as a movie should be!
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