Two words on: buy a new mobile phone (Jolla)

It has happened.

After 3 years and some months, my wonderful, gorgeous, amazing Nokia N9 told me: "I am dying, I am slowly dying... forgive me!"

I will, I will forgive you, my sorrowful friend... but I will never forget you!

After years of buying a new phone every 12 months more or less (HTC Magic, HTC Wildfire, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10), the Nokia N9 was the first smart phone I really enjoyed, appreciated and kept with me for 3 years. With all of its defects (few apps, thanks to Microsoft and its slowly killing of Nokia and quite immediate extermination of Meego, slow processor compared to newer devices, and something more) and its more numerous merits (it's an amazing phone).

But now the time to abandon it and replacing it come quickly... one day it didn't turn up... and it was gone. I could still use its basics functions because I installed Sailfish OS on it almost 6 months ago, but it was clear that I should have reset the Meego installation from scrap... for me it was the signal: time to buy a new one.

So, which one? Some Android device, that's for sure, Apple ones didn't even enter the competition (openness, costs, openness, costs were the 4 reasons why they didn't... ah! And openness!), or Firefox OS ones? Or Tizen ones? Unfortunately phones with Firefox OS are low end, and I wanted a smart phone with good skills. And even more unluckily there are no Tizen phones around. So... which phone?

Well, well, well. The truth is that there were no story from the beginning, there were not even competition. The phone I would have bought was the Jolla.

There are phones with better specs, that's for sure, maybe better looking (I am not sure), maybe better built (I don't know). But there were no way I would have not bought it.

What's Jolla? Jolla is the company (and also the name of their first phone) that people that left Nokia after Microsoft bought it created from scratch (not that much from scratch, they were experienced people). They used the same OS as the one in my beloved N9, Meego, and developed it into the Sailfish OS.

So a good reason to buy a phone from them is that they are amazing people, they are a small company (always good to help small companies), they have a lot of experience (they come from the former leading company in phones: Nokia), the phone is amazing. It's not a good reason, it's a lot of good reasons.

The phone arrived last Thursday. I bought it with the leather flip and walnut case (let's call them like that) that you can see in the site and in the video. I simply love it. Sailfish OS is a good OS, it's based on Linux (like Android is), it's fast and reliable. The phone doesn't drain the battery like a lot of other phones do. I've used it for 2 whole days, internet and everything, and it was around 15% when I connected it. There are natives apps that are nice, but not a lot of them. But the nice thing is that a lot of Android apps can be installed and work as charm on the phone.

I could not make a photo of the phone because I have no other devices working, but I'll photograph it with my camera sooner or later. It's wonderful, have you understood this?
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