Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition - Linux laptop

So, it's been around 5 days that I've finally got my lifetime's desired Linux laptop. I've been torn for months between ZaReason ultrabook and the Dell XPS 13. The truth is that I'd loved to have the ZaReason one for two reasons:
- to help a small manufacturer
- for the double hard drive, one SDD and one "spinning", giving to opportunity to have high speed of the OS and high capability.

But they would not deliver outside US and so... I've started following the Sputnik Project and... same problem! They would not deliver outside the US!!

But... one lucky day... Barton's blog! And in two days I bought the laptop online! YEAH!!!

When it arrived? Five days... after... the... day... I... bought... it!! YEAHHH!!!!

So, now it's about 2 weeks that I've got it and it's... GREAT!

The screen is simply gorgeous, it's 1980x1080, clear and luminous at every angle, the keyboard is lit at three different steps (lit, half and off), the keys are spaced between them and it's easy to type.
It's got a i7 CPU that's stunning and it comes with Ubuntu 12.04 by default (YAHH!!! No Windows tax any more here!!).

Of course there is something that I do not like and it's the partition of the SDD (256 Gb) that comes with 4 partition: 2 for the recovery system (I think...), one big and a swap one.
I think that no Linux user will ever set root and /home on the same partition so I don't understand why it comes like this by default! I used the stock installation for some days, but I'm a KDE guy now and I cannot stand Unity or Gnome any more. So I installed Kubuntu 12.04 and added the Sputnik PPA to have the drivers for touchpad and it's great.

I simply love this pc... I had only one problem, wifi was not working at full strenght (from 65 Mbs optimals  to 3 Mbs at maximum...) but here I found the solution.

This will be my laptop for some years, now!
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