Why distrowatch is not a good index of linux distribution

Lately it's faded a bit, but not a long time ago there was a war about which was the Linux distro more used (or on the rise). Every two articles about it, one was mentioning the "Page hit ranking" in distrowatch.com as a good indicator (or THE indicator) of it, especially since Ubuntu started to drop a bit, and lately sink.

So Ubuntu was OUT and IN was Mint, the wonderful son, who brought back to life usability and user friendliness that Ubuntu missed when it switched from GNOME 2 to Unity.

For months Ubuntu was falling and people were asking: where will it go?!? What is next for Ubuntu now that it is lost all it's appeal and all it's fans?!?

I never liked that surveys. They well not so accurate (and a lot of people noticed it) and were just a way to gain some popularity. Distrowatch it's a site of information, not a place where people goes to download their new distro!

Today we have finally got the answer: which distro is the more used worlwide?!?

Thanks to Steam... here is the result!

Just click on the "OS version" line and you'll see that, hands down, Ubuntu is the winner, with almost 2% of the total, while second is Mint with 0.17%... ahhh!!! One of the mysteries of life finally SOLVED!!
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