A dream come through: XPS 13 Developer Edition

Today, 8th of March 2013, a dream finally has come to it's conclusion: I've bought a pc with Linux pre-installed on it!

What's happened?

A week ago, last Friday, after DELL made available the Developer Edition in Europe and after a lot of thinking in which country to buy it (Spain to obtain the spanish keyboard? Italy that it's easy to have it sent here? France and have it delivered directly at home?) I finally decided to buy it on the French site: why? It was costing almost 200 € less than in the other sites (the recession?!?) and even if I really don't like the french keyboard layout it was the easiest thing to do (and cheaper!).

It was due to arrive on the 15th, that's what the confirmation email said to me... and I was sad! On the site there were 3 days shipping and they was telling me it will arrive in 2 weeks!?! But I didn't mind... I was finally waiting for my Linux laptop!!

And today  I was taking a nap, and the bell rang. It's 18:00 and I'm not expecting nobody: "A package for you!" and I thought "This is it..." but didn't believed myself... it was IT!!

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