A biking Saturday

Today I found myself with nothing to do, I woke up relatively early for a Saturday, around 11 am, and decided that I want to see the sea.

Nothing easier! I live in Amsterdam, if you have a look at a map you'll see that Amsterdam it's just next to the sea! So... I opened google maps, set "Directions" and pointed at Ijmuderslag 55... just 30 km from my house! It's not that much!
I took a banana, some kitkats and a bottle of water and there I go, with my faithful bike. I just say one thing: it's been LOOOONG!!

I am not used to 4 hours on a bike... but it's ok, I survived and get back home! And it's been quite nice. Even if coming back, the last kilometres were quite cold.

So: there and back again!
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