How not to be scared of getting older

Wednesday I was biking back home at night (well, it was dark indeed, but calling 6 pm night it seems a bit strange for me) and my knees were aching, my back too and I felt incredibly old, with no hope for the future. As a reminder, I am 38 years old and in a fair good shape. The problem is that I felt already on the edge of "oldhood", my best years as an athlete are gone (and I've never been a professional one, so what do I care anyway?), I am approaching the 40ties threshold that is a big mountain to climb mentally and I felt also with no future. 2 years to the 40ties, only 12 to the 50ties (where really life ENDS!). So, it was a shitty ride home.
Then I started to think (a thing I usually do, when there are no other input to bog my mind).
Yeah, 2 years to the 40ties... but I am still in a good shape! And there are more then 600 days in front of me in which I could improve myself, I could enjoy life, meet new people, have new experiences! 600 days, it's an enormous amount of awoke hours! And in anyone of these hours there is plenty of time to do something!
As usual I was scared by the big stair in front of me, not noticing that it is made of a lot of little steps, and that I can face one step at a time and make whatever I want of them.
The problem is the 40ties... it is the beginning of the end. It's that age where, when you are on your teens, you think that everything will end. You will not be able to do sports any more, the girls will stop to find you attractive and some more idiocy like it. Maybe you'll be married, and the kids will start ruining your life, you had to end boys-nights with your friends.
But, for me, it was mainly the problem with my body (I know, I am a superficial one!)... I always regarded myself as an athlete (even if, I remind you again, I've never be a professional) and I've already seen my body change at the 30ties, but not that much. I've lost some reactivity, but not that much... but now? In 2 years everything will end!
Again, just look at the future one day at a time. There are still 600 days to enjoy being the war machine you have been during your whole life (just few days ago somebody weren't believing that I am 38 year old... and playing football the way I still play it!).
But this is regarding me only... so: how not to be scare of getting older?

- there is NO way that you can do ANYTHING to stop it, so: accept it!
- there are still plenty of days left, the process is progressive, not "a step and you are dead", so: keep doing things!
- you already got old. You are older than you where 10 years ago! And you thought that it would suck! It doesn't suck. You made it suck not doing the things you'd like to do, so: do them!
- and last but not least. As with ANY problem, remember that it is not a BIG, HUGE problem, it's just a sum of a lot a small ones, so: face them one at a time.

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