MVP of sorts...

The first week of NBA has come and go.
More or less all of the expectations have been confirmed... wait... have they?

Miami is 4-2, Indiana 6-0, San Antonio 5-1, Clippers 3-3, Lakers 3-4, Boston 2-4. So, not that much of expectations confirmed. Miami is 4-2?!? How the hell it is possible? They are healthy, they are the Champions (twice) and they already lost twice?
But everybody knows that they will be on top coming spring.
And the Lakers are 3-4, without Bryant, without a decent back-court, without a big name player but Gasol. Nash is simply too old, I am so sorry about this, because a just slightly younger Nash would have been destroying in LA.

So, the season has begun and, as it is completely normal, some teams are struggling, some are thriving.

Then I come by the MVP Ladder last night and saw that, as usual, LeBron was number 1. Number 2 was Durant... And Kevin Love was number 5. Kevin Love, with 26 points per game, 15 rebounds and 4 assists. Number 5. With TWENTY-SIX points per game, FIFTEEN rebounds and FOUR assists. A double double machine at more than 25 points per game, leading the league in rebounds, in a above .500 team is only 5th?!? Well, I know that LeBron is LeBron, and coming spring... things could be different. And Durant will be the leading score another time again. But if not now, when would you put a player with the stats of Love on the top spot?
He is surrounded by above average players, with some maybe future stars. I'm thinking about Rubio and... and... who else? Schved? Pekovic? He is shooting threes at the lowest percentage of his career and still manages to have 47% at shooting percentage. And he is averaging TWENTY-SIX POINTS PER GAME. He has sank a winner. He is the LEADING REBOUNDER OF THE LEAGUE. Why must James be at the number one spot?
James is being relatively normal: 24 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds. He plays with a lot of stars of the like of Wade, Bosh and Allen and it's easy having a high assist number when you can pass the ball to such guys. And his team is above .500, as Minnesota is. So, who is making better is team?

Sorry, but for the moment is hands down Kevin Love.
And the put him on the fifth spot of the MVP Ladder.
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