38... and counting

This is not a post about my birthday, that is far away from today.

It is a post about taking a shower in the morning, do a movement with your back and feeling that even if 38 it is not a bad age, if you've done nothing at all in the past 2 years something will happen.
It just hurt bad. I have still some mobility, but my back is really stiff and aching. Ah! This is because in the last week I played football for a total amount of 4 hours... and I'm no more used to it. But I enjoyed!
And I'll keep doing it, I hope at least twice a week and a jogging session in between. And I'll be back to shape (not the spherical one I was into last month!) in no time.

I still got some skills, still got some speed. I will get back all of them! This is a promise to my future self!
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