Leaving Amsterdam

I'm leaving Amsterdam.

Already? No, not for good! I've just came back to Italy for the week end and I have been living Amsterdam. Home to airport took me 20 minutes. 5 to walk from home to the next train station (I am lucky, I live just next to a train station with trains that lead to Schiphol... what can I do?!?). 10 minutes to wait for the train and 7 minutes to get to Schiphol.

The ticket machine outside the station didn't work... the one inside did, so I took the ticket at the station. It cost me 2,70 euro.
At the airport the notable thing was that they gave me a full body scan, with that machine that we saw on the news for some time and that are invading our privacy. Well, the precess is not invading because you just stand there with your arms raised, but thinking that the are seeing everything they want... a bit scaring it is!

Than I flew to Milan and arrived at Malpensa. I will not talk about the wonderful Maplensa Terminal 2 Airport. I just concentrate on the transportation. I waited 5 minutes for the Maplensa Bus to take me to the Terminal 1, where the train station is. Free of charge, of course. Than I needed a ticket to get to Milan (around 50 km) and it cost me 10 euro. Than a ticket to get home (130 km) and it cost me 9,90 euro.

And here is the question: WHY?
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