A new beginning (... again?!?)

In the last few years I've left this blog a bit abandoned. Life, new challenges, a little bit of stupidity brought me to lose interest in this little creature of mine, and also in some of my hobbies like writing, thinking, living...
Well, well, well... maybe putting things in this way is going a bit too far. But it is true that I wrote less and less and spent time not writing at all. One of the reason was less time to spend around. A bit has been not wanting to show the world information too personal, being this blog really personal. So I tried to talk about politics, techs, sport. But I spent less and less time on it and I am now changing this.
I'll try to write again, personal stuff and all. And not be ashamed of being what I am.
So, be prepared, because I've got time, I've got the strength, I've got the will!

... sorry!
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