The sound of...

There are a lot of things that I love to hear. Yesterday night I was watching Princess Mononoke (watch it, wherever and whenever you are!) and the sound of the Kodama turning their heads it's amazing. It's similar to the sound that pebbles do when they hit each other when you are under water.
And the sound of the rain when it falls steady and strong, like a "shhhhhhh"... can wash away all the bad feelings, leaving only a thin peel of sadness, that's quite nice to have in those moments.
The wind blows through the branches of trees, moving the leaves in a soft and sweet way... that's another great sound! A sound that I so missed in Fuerteventura and when I'm living in big cities with too few trees! It can move my heart, that sound, and make me think about love and happiness. I learned to hear it back in my youth, up in the mountains when I used to climb on trees and stay there, in the middle of the green leaves and think... think... think.
And then, there's the sound of a voice... that I love so much, soft and feeble as a whisper... 

There are a lot of sounds that I love...


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