Going home

Mattina. Leggere le notizie dei giornali nel mondo (quasi sempre in inglese).
Farsi un'idea di cosa succede.
Non voler essere di parte.

Da Newsweek:

Mañana. Leer las noticias en los periodicos del mundo (casi siempre en ingles).
Comprender que pasa.
No elegir una parte.

Desde Newsweek:

Morning. Read the news in newspaper around the world (almost always in English).
Trying to understand.
Trying to be impartial.

From Newsweek:

While many of the new initiatives sound like solid solutions to the country's staggering problems, there is no question that some of are heavy handed. Last week, sweeps across the country netted over 500 immigrants legal and illegal- who were suspected of crimes. Those not arrested were deported, more than half were sent home to European Union member state Romania. In Naples, four camps housing Roma, also known as gypsies were burned to the ground, allegedly by the Camorra as the police looked away, scaring away many of the remaining Roma. And ahead of Berlusconi's cabinet meeting, nine protest groups ranging from garbage collectors and health care workers to immigrants and unemployed youth groups were given permission to hold demonstrations and promised there would be no "red zone" separating them from the cabinet meeting. But the police presence was so aggressive, liberally firing tear gas as a warning, the groups barely made it to within a kilometer of Piazza Plebiscito where the cabinet meeting was held.
Io continuo a sperare che possano governare bene. Ma questa, un'altra volta, non è una soluzione.
Così, semplicemente, si rimuovono i sintomi.
La malattia continua a progredire.

Yo siguo esperando que puedan governar bien. Pero, otra vez, esta no es una solucion.
Esto es alejar los problemas.
Solucionarlos es otra cosa.

I keep on hoping they will lead Italy for good. But this is not a solution.
In this way you cut the symptoms.
Illness keeps on going.


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