A fairy tale

And comes the day when the Old Knight met a Fairy Maiden. She was beautiful and good hearted and came from a distant country where tall trees grew and snow covered everything in long winters. But trough her eyes he could see a warm place to rest and live in peace.
Unfurtunately the Fairy Maiden was engaged with a Young Cavalier and so her heart was locked.
But they became friends and so they begun walking together as the sun set down, talking and speaking about the old adventures the knight had. And it was fair to him that somebody would listen to his stories so to keep his lonelyness away for a while.
The days come by and the Old Knight and the Fairy Lady keep on walking each evening at sun set, and their eyes begun to look for each other's more and more. Moon was up the night they were keep talking by the shores of the sea and, finally, she unlocked her hair and heart and they kiss each other by the moonlight.
And they went back home hand by hand and that night they dreamed together about butterflies and lullabies as long as the woke up together to a new shining day.

And they lived happy ever after...
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