Good times

I just finished watching Roxanne. What's Roxanne? It's a movie!
Of course you know it is.
Well, it is a really nice movie. It's a love one, kind of girlie one, but it is one of the movie I like the most.
I girl friend of mine (and what a difference a space can make!) told me that she found out that it is no sense not to have someone to love, and I think she is true.
This  movie talks about a modern Cyrano (by the way, one of my favorite books), in a small town.
So now it's 8:30 in the morning, I've slept only 3 hours and I have just finished watching a love movie. Would be nice to know somebody to call and talk about, than laugh a bit at myself and ask her out. The only problem is that this somebody exists and lives, but lives some 4000 miles away, and it is cold up there. Could be difficult to meet someplace.
Now I also have got a cup of tea and a cat sitting beside me. The day seems will be a good one. I was supposed to hire a car and go surfing, today, tomorrow and so on until next thursday. Don't know if I'll do it. For today I'll just hang around and think how stupid I am not to have hired the car. And wondering what I would really like to do.
Probably I'd want to pick up a phone and do that call.
You don't even have to try
it comes easy for you
the way you move is so appealing
it could make me cry

Go out driving with my friends
in Bobby's big old beat up car
I'm with a lot of people then
I wonder where you are

Good times bad times gimme some of that
Good times bad times gimme some of that
Good times bad times

I don't want to say good bye
don't  want to walk you to the door
I spent a little time with you
I want a little more

[Edie Brickell - Good times]

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