New Zealand 20 - Australia 6

Today it was my day off. I woke up at 8:50 and prepared to watch this semifinal. Enjoyed the haka, was sad about missing a Carter performance (I am really sad about this, he is a joy to see in action and the injury has been so unluky...) and the match started.

New Zealand was strong from the beginning, and Quade Cooper was a mess, as it was the fly half in the match with South Africa. New Zealand was pressing hard, Australia was defending quite well... but I was confident in a victory.
Then Weepu started to miss kicks. The first, a try, the second, the third. And even if the All Blacks where in front and controlling... I was asking myself "what the heck?!?!" Why are they keeping kicking? With the pressure they were making they could have kept going strong for tries! And instead they kept kicking... and the kicks weren't going in!

It is a nightmare, I thought! Again we will lose ("we" is me, Wales and New Zealand...) and the final will be Ugly French against Messy Australia!!
And the first half ended. Great performance from the All Blacks, good (only good) defence from Australia, and the All Blacks with less points then needed.

Then the second half started, Weepu kept missing kicks, but New Zealand was still strong. And was defending too. And for the first time in this world cup they didn't allow a try.

Cruden played good, Weepu, taking away the kicks from downtown, still was cool and clever, McCaw, Read, Jane and Dagg was strong... Ma'a Nonu was incredible as usual. I just don't understand why they don't play him more, he will be a secret weapon against France. But who impressed me was Kaino... just... impressive!

Next Sunday the final, but Saturday the third-fourth place is at stake. Wales will win.

... and New Zealand too.

(Crossing fingers...)


sharhazad said…
Miguelito... porti male! Puoi tifare Francia per domenica?
Nittalope said…
Mi pare anche a me, me cago en la puta!!

E ciò pure dei brutti presagi... mierda!

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