With all the "good time" had happened in the last month and something I just forgot to enjoy some of my new achievements.
It's been now a month and 3 days that I am officially one of the top in my job, well, in the place I work I am THE top, nobody's above me anymore (not true, Management is above me, but in my own department I am the chief).

I can enjoy a salary with 3 zeros!! Aehm... just as before, but now the first digit is nearer to 2 than to 1 and it's already something. If I also stop to give money for free I could really begin to think I'll be rich one day, probably the day before I'll die, so it will be really useful!

I am happy, still not satisfied because my dream is to not work at all, but happy about myself and my abilities.

Now I should just start not to feel incongruous in this new place, but it's nothing that need to hurry about! 
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