France 7 - New Zealand 8


Well, it's finished as I would have liked... with a All Blacks win. But I am not that satisfied.

I am happy they won, for sure, and they deserved it! And, to be honest, they played a though and good game. But I am a bit disappointed. I was hoping for a spirited effort and what I've got has been a grinding down, slow tiring battle metre per metre.
What a battle France has organized! The french played like mad, incredible game and really though for them to lose. But it is true that the All Blacks where really strong on defense and, even if they missed so many kicks again, it was enough. Even if I didn't like how they played, they kicked a lot and not effectively, they didn't carry the ball... a lot of mistakes!
At the end the absence of Carter it really was a huge problem for them. Today Weepu wasn't as inspired as in the semifinal  at it has been shown. The All Blacks seemed lost at time.

Luckily McCaw, Read, Caino, Woodcock where steady, and also the backs defended well (and when Donald replaced Cruden his stronger physical presence was a bless!).

But what a match from France, again. Yachvili it is a real smart scrum half, and I am sorry for Parra, even if his replacement played as well as him.

Well... this time New Zealand won without dominating, last time New Zealand lost dominating. So the Universe's Equilibrium is preserved!


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