France 9 - Wales 8

Well... everything that could go wrong went wrong... that's the thing!

I had to work, so I couldn't enjoy all of the match in Rugby World Cup 2011 semifinal between France and Wales, but I've seen Wales playing a great match, France defending like hell and at the end... we lost!!

Damn it! The two fly halves missed 3 kicks combined (1 even Stephen Jones... when I saw that one I knew it was the end!) and so the French will play the final.

I am really sad, I love Wales since 2000 and we deserved to win, but the errors with the boot condemned us to purgatory!

And now I'm waiting for the next match, in 9 hours, New Zealand - Australia, the last piece of heart in this cup... and without Carter I fear it will be difficult, because in this Cup it seems that the defences are making the difference.
In 10 hours we will know... good night!

[Update 16-10-2011: Wales played almost the whole match without one man!! I discovered it this morning, reading the match recap. Well... knowing this I am more sad, they DESERVED to win and the french side has been incredibly luky!]


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