venerdì, settembre 18, 2009

Le tre dita aperte del legionario

Gioiosamente leggo e guardo questo e basisco. Basirò a lungo, ma lungo lungo.

In ogni caso le tre dita aperte del legionario se le possono ficcare su per lo sfintere, magari chiuse inizialmente per consentire una penetrazione più profonda, e poi aprendole di colpo, così, per vedere di nascosto l'effetto che fa.

A me fa paura. Punto (mafia, fascismo, corruzione, soppressione... continuo?)

Italian government has make a law allowing private citizens to create their own police service. Well, maybe this is a simplified reduction, but it works similar to this. Following the link you'll see pictures of the first of this special forces.
MSI is a historical political party, the one that was created after II world war by the defeated fascists. Then it disappeared in the late 80s / early 90s and now it's back (and it is not one of the far extremists right sided parties...). This are its special forces. It's nice to notice the straight right hand... so similar to the nazi/fascist heil, but the hand is closed, only three fingers are open... like the roman's legionaries. I fear this thing.

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