Ireland: days 7 - 9

So comes Thursday. Early hours, it's just before 3 am, I am at Mullaghmore and I cannot sleep anymore. What to do? Took the car, headed for the north side of the peninsula, peed and started my way to Belmullet, that from now on we will call Béal an Mhuilhead, in it's Gaelic form. Before passing Sligo I went to Rosses Point, to check one of the places were I thinking of actually spend the night before. I tried to sleep a bit more in front of the sea, but indeed I was out of sleep. So I went on, passed Sligo and went on the Wild Atlantic road, that easy roads are no fun to me. I passed Easky when the sun was almost getting up, then a bunch of other villages lost on the Atlantic Coast. My idea was to have breakfast at Ballina (Béal an Áthal), the capital of wild salmon. I arrived there... and it was 6 am! I thought it was 7 at least... nothing to do, everything's closed. Let's go on to Crossmolina, che the Lough Conn and go on to Ballycroy National Park for a early start on my daily walk. At Lough Conn I actually stopped, took some photos and slept... it was too a nice place.

Anyway... Ballycroy was a delusion, no path to follow there, so it was time to go to Achill Island, so near, so easy. And so a good idea! I saw a Sea Otter, I slept on the Golden Beach, I visited a megalithic tomb, climbed the highest peak of the isle, saw another beautiful beach.
And it was time to head to Béal an Mhuilhead to check the B&B. On the evening I went to a local pub and eaten salmon... mmm... salmon!!

Friday I was supposed to camp somewhere in the area around. But quickly decided that it was better to simply ask for a second night there. Good idea, again. I headed to the north of the Mullet peninsula, walked along a loop path to visit some cliffs, than headed to other, higher, cliffs and walk there... and fell into a bog. Or better, step into a bog with my right leg up until just below the knee. And rain, rain everywhere.
I then went back to the car, headed to a nearby prehistoric site, arrived late, decided to went back to the B&B. Dinner and bed.
Saturday was the day to move south into Connemara. The morning started with sun, I headed south, passed the turn to go back to Achill Island... I was tempted, but I hoped Connemara was awaiting me with all it's beauty. Visited the Castle of Gráinne O'Malley, the pirate-queen!!
By accident... I saw the sign, turned the car and had the nice surprise. Continued south, arrived next to the Connemara National Park, continued, visited some beaches, arrived at Clifden, looked for a cap and a small backpack (I lost my hat... I lost my hat... I lost my hat... shit), bought them and then... rain, wind... a found a B&B for 20€ and fuck it the camping. And what a good idea again... I headed west to check the place were I wanted to camp and it was simply frightening cold, windy and rainy.
Get back to Clifden and dinner and bed.
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