Ireland: days 10 - 12

Sunday started with heavy rain and a fun breakfast with a nice serving lady-man, sir-girl. Heavy, blonde, extremely kind and thus scary. But again: kind, really kind.
After breakfast it was time to decide where to go, what to do, who to be. And it was a though decision: rain all around! So, lets go to Connemara National Park and see what's there. There are wild goats, this is what's there, and heavy rain. So I visited the Visitor's Center, enjoyed a nice exposition on Ireland's history, and a nice coffee (with scone...). Then headed east, and then south into a fine pass valley, with strong rain all around. And floodings of the roads, too. Arrived in the happy Oughterard town, and had lunch. And relaxed, have a beer, wait for the rain to pass. It didn't. I visited the nearby castle, really nice, and then headed to the Galway City, famous in the world. Visited the center, had a Guinness in a pub and to the B&B we go. Nice and clean, and wonderful landlady. At night little walk in the centre and then... then the revelation: Crane Pub! And music, music, music.

Monday was still cloudy, but at least it wasn't rainy. So I decided to take a step ahead and go to the Cliffs of Moher.
Arrived there and payed the 6 euros entrance: you have to pay if you want to see something nature has done!! Wonderful. Took a little stroll to the south along the cliffs, wonderful skylines, beautiful, beautiful gerl and a lot of wind. And then a drive around the Burren, looking for archeological sites and nice landscapes. Found both, a stone fort, a wedge tomb, some disrupted churches. And some rain, to be happier.
Back at Galway I had fish and chips at Hooked, a nice and little restaurant, and then headed to Crane again. It's amazing how musicians get there, sit down and start to play. They rarely sings, usually with no instruments accompanying them, and they seldom smile while playing. This is the only drawback I see in the sessions. But they are absolutely lovely. During the morning, talking with Caroline, the landlady, I decided to remain a night more, so also Tuesday night I'll be staying in Galway.

And Tuesday comes. I decided to visit a bit more deeply Galway. But the truth is that in this voyage I am not interested too much in cities. So I strolled around, looking for some hidden spot. The day was cloudy and rainy, nothing interesting around. I went back to the B&B and slept until 2 PM. Then headed West along the coast. The more I went, the more barren the landscape became. A bit of depression fell over me, of having squandered a day. I kept heading west and at the end I arrived to a rocky bay, almost at the end of the of the world. I parked the car and decided to walk along the rocky coast, the Aran Island visible at the horizon, fogged by the strong wind. In the pools left by the retreating tide I found anemons, prawns and sealife: finally a sense to the day! Took some photos and, when I decided to head back to the car, I found a nicely horse hanging around. We became quickly friends, thanks to my lunch: an apple that I barely eaten, since I decided it was more worth to him. And it was time to go back, have my evening session at Crane and go to sleep. This, of course, not before having seen the Bayern - Barcelona match, in which Bayern decided to kill themselves forgetting how to defend.


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