Ireland: days 4 - 6

Monday I woke up from  my first camping night into a delightful day of bright
sun and clear sky. The same valley in which I slept got a completely different look. A wonderful one. I packed everything, the rain of the night before almost completely dried up on the tent and poncho, and headed for the B&B.

At the house I had a nice and sturdy Irish breakfast, and luckily my room was to be ready at 11 am. Since It was not so far away, I simply awaited on the bench outside the house in the nice sun. Once I got my room (number 5) I took a shower. The most amazing, wonderful shower I have ever had. Probably beaten only by a shower I took in Stockholm... but that was with a lot of funny optionals like waterfall effect, side jets and things like that.

After the shower I decided to do a 5 hours walk: up the hill, up to another hill, and back again. The hills happened to be around 600 metres high, so not too much. But I have to say that the excursion took its toll. At the end I was really tired. The weather got worse and worse, the temperature fell (not that it had ever been really high...) and the climbing was in some point quite steady. I saw 2 deer, a huge waterfall on another valley, and a flattop mountain... Amon Sûl?

Walking uphill and downhill was constantly hindered by bogs, little pool, marshes, adding to the toll. And the wind, did I mentioned the wind? But finally I got to the top (700 metres) and begun the descent... and the last 4 km of tarmac from village to village. At home I took a shower and awaited for dinner, served at the B&B by my favourite landlady: goat cheese cooked in the oven, chicken and potatoes and a delightful cake.

Tuesday I woke up in heavy rain. Had breakfast and decided to go to Bray, a coastal town, and walk a coastal path to Greystones. Nice and easy. I drove there, found a park next to the train station, since the plan was to come back from the 10 km or so walk by train,  and headed south. Bray is a small tourist town, with a long beach and a side walk.
The path to Greystones follows the train trails over scenic cliffs and gulfs. It is not a difficult walk, the path is used as a evening walk by locals, but there are for sure nice views and a lot of sea birds. Arrived at Greystones my idea was to taste some local beer and then take the train back. But a strong rain shower come down... and wet and sad (not so sad...) I decided to head back altogether. The train ride was quick. I went directly back to the B&B, with a quick stop in Roundwood, the town nearby, to select the pub for the night.
Gotten home I took the second shower of the day (and God! I would have taken a thousand!) and finally booked the lodgings for the next 10 days or so... what a relief. Around 7 pm I headed to Roundwood: Juventus - Real Madrid was awaiting. I had dinner in a nice pub, a tasty roast beaf, and Juventus won, so a special day it has been.

Wednesday was no difference from tuesday: heavy rain in the morning.I packed everything and headed north: Sligo is the aim of the day. I crossed the Wicklow mountains without going back to Dublin, so the trip was a bit slower, but more interesting. I navigated from town to town, sometimes coming back, sometimes guessing right. Finally I managed to gain some terrain and arrived near Sligo when I saw a historic sign post indicating a prehistoric tomb: Carrowkeel! I hesitated just a second and then visited the site. Amazing, simply amazing. I could enter one of the tombs and stand in the chamber (I know... I am not that tall...), a chamber built 5000 years ago. Also 2 of the other 3 tombs had a passage were one could enter... but it was too tight for my mind to fell comfortable. I just took pictures from the outside.
I then continued towards Sligo, and since it was early when I arrived, I decided to go on to Mullaghmore and see the beach there, and then further north to Rossnowlagh... and then go to Donegal, and then continue and visit St. Johns Point... I finally went back to Donegal, had dinner watching Barça - Bayern and then... and then had to decide were to sleep. It was too cold to camp, just above 0 degrees... I headed back to Mullaghmore and slept in the car in front of the beach.
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