Ireland: days 13 - 15

And the day to leave Galway come, and it was a sad day! I spent the most of Tuesday thinking if it was worth leaving Galway... I would have loved to listen again to some more sessions! But the time came: Wednesday! The day was one of the finest, sunny and warm. And of course I have to drive! I decided to go swiftly to the south and then walk around somewhere. But go swiftly to the south means to use highways, which I despise. So I drove quickly as I could, but along the coastline. I encountered some nice town on the road, but the finest has been Milltown Malbay. Lovely, on a natural gulf, with surfers surfing the waves. I stopped for some photos in the sun, that promptly got covered. I head on. Arrived at Killmore, to take the ferry, and took it. Landed in Talbert, visited a nicely preserved five storey castle nearby, Carrigafoyle, in which it is still possible to understand the position of the rooms on every floor. Drove on, Tralee was on the way, I stopped looking for a map of the south, and found a burrito, and a nice smile. But we got no time for that, it was time to look for a spot in which pass the night, since it was camp night!
I visited some promising beaches, arrived in Dingle and went on. I was at the end of the west civilization, and coast and isles messed themselves with the seas. I found a cosy beach, looking west. That was the spot! But that was too the night for Real Madrid - Juventus, and Dingle had the perfect pub for that! FINALS!! I headed to the beach, it was still clear, but heavy clouds were on the east and the radio said: tonight heavy rains and storms in the west. Lucky me, I decided to sleep in the car and it was a clever idea.

Thursday come, after a windy night in which the car was rolled by the gusts of Eolo, but also a comfy one, in my sleeping bag. I woke up at eight, took a long look at the beach and a long pee session too. Headed back to Dingle, had breakfast and a compliment by a fine lady (around 65 springs fine...) and asked to the local information centre: what shall I do for 5 hours? You look fit, climb Mount Brandon, she said.
And I did! It was sunny, it was warm, it soon became foggy and chill. But I enjoyed the walk, as not the view. And found quartz crystals all around. When I came down the day was finally clouded. I headed east along the coast, looking for a nice spot on which sleep a bit. I fancied a nice sandy beach, and some sun. Found neither of them. I finally rested in some sandy dunes. Had my daily apple and then headed to Killarney. Visited the Torc Waterfalls and strolled along a circular walk of around 1 hour. Entered the outskirts of Killarney National Park: the County in real life! Then headed for the B&B, found it, took a shower and had dinner in Laurens Pub, one of the finest, tourist wise, of the city.

Friday, the end of the Ireland 2015 May Tour is getting nearer and nearer. I start to feel the limbs tired, and waking up is a bit more difficult every day. And, clearly, it's cloudy and rainy. I had no idea for the day, so I checked my newly bought map and looked for spots to... spot. And I saw a Stone Circle just south of Kenmare: I'll go there! I pass a nice and high pass, in rain and clouds, after driving through part of the beautiful landscapes of Killarney National Park, reached Kenmare and the Stone Circle of Bonane. Quick tour of the site and head back up to the north, in which I decided to pass the Moll Gap pass and head through a small route, in the midst of the Black Valley, to reach north of Killarney and get back to the city. Wise idea, I must admit, as I got through thunderous valleys, lakes, mountains and forests. Loved it! I stopped at a bar to eat a salmon sandwich and write a bit, than headed back to Killarney and the Torc Waterfall parking spot.
I left the car there and walk around the Muckross Lake, about 15 km in the woods, gardens and flowers of the park. I did it as it was a run, because it was already late, around 5 pm, when I started. Back at Killarney I headed for a different pub, in which a man was playing traditional songs, a bunch of men were playing darts and I met the USA girl again.
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