Ireland: days 16 - 18

And by now... I started feeling the wear and tear of being on my own. Saturday I woke up, simply packed everything and left to get to Cork. The day was fine, sunny, and the morning got on quite quickly. I stopped to refuel, take a coffee. I arrived at the B&B in Cork at noon, perfectly on time: demonstration of my inner GPS. I left the luggage at the house, meeting my guest, and left for the airport were I returned the car. I then went to the city by bus, walked my usual 2/3 hours around, doing nothing particular, and headed home. I was feeling tired and worn, wishing only to got back home.

Sunday there were the idea to go and watch a hurling match, but there were none nearby. So I stayed in bed, watching Daredevil (nice series, by the way!), then went out, took a beer, ate something, took a coffee in a nice coffeeshop/library (not the Amsterdam/type coffeshop!) and went back home.

Monday it was time to go, but my flight was in the late afternoon/early evening so my guests (bless be you!) left me stay up until 3 pm in their home, so I went for a last walk in Cork, that is by the way a really nice city, I took another coffee (same place as the day before) and then packed, waited a bit and it was time to go home! Not much exciting the last three days... but I was done.


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