A happy 2008 to everybody!

No, it is not a mistake.
That's because 2009 is coming step by step and it will be as good as possible and as bad as imaginable. But we should try to bring the best out of ourselves to make it the better possible and available.
I am talking about our faithful departed 2008.
Think about how this old year has been to you. Was it a good year? Was it a merry one?!?
I think that it was full of things, full of phrases that build you up a bit more. Full of words, I remember there were some verbs, adjectives, nouns. Some paragraphs have been bad, some have been just as normal as normal life is.
So: think about your 2008. Was it bad? Probably you'll say yes. You found somebody, lose somebody, you just tripped through and from some sensations. Around mid july something changed. A new wind comes up. But nobody listened to it. And neither you. And in september it was just ready for you, but when you noticed it and try to catch its perfume he just slipped away. And then winter come and everything was gone.

That is just a way of watching things.

The way around is that it has been a wonderful year. You've met new people, had wonderful time and back home you fixed some problems and cut away a dying branch. Running through the year than was just trying to understand what is important and what is not. Then, by the end of autumn, you discovered it. Winter come... but suddenly spring will bloom and you'll look at 2008 as a wonderful year.

And if this doesn't fit for you... sorry!

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