Pinatubo II, the vengeance of Nature

This days has been strange days.
A far away volcano (that I'll call Pinatubo II, because the real name is impossible to remember) is affecting our post modern lifes so much that we are rediscovering on our own skin that nature some times hasn't got only easy ways. And this time it is not a distant country with a striking earthquake that will affects our own lifes only through compassion and television images.
We, as european, weren't accostumed to this. Sometimes we have had a flood, sometimes a earthquake, all local events, but nothing so global as this volcano remembering us the nature still rules.
An entire continent blocaded for 2 days... and counting.
Next days we'll find a solution, but by that time some million people will be loosing... days. Travel is not that easy in this april 2010.
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