Draw (annoying people)

This is a football post, this is a "I annoy people and people annoys me" post.

Today is Thursday, a day I used to spend doing something for sometimes, a something that I really enjoyed doing and that now I miss quite a lot, and that now is devoted to football. Playing football. 6 vs 6 football (I know, I betrayed my beliefs... but I needed a second night of sport each week, and this was what was available).

It's with not the team I organize, and you can understand it by the fact that in 3 matches I played we've never lost. With the team I organize (7 a side) we never won.

Anyway, we are from Ukraine, we are not a great team, we are not a bad team. And tonight we draw. It was a though match, we controlled the first part of the first half, and than we were down 3 - 0 all of a sudden. We hit posts, their goalie save quite some shots, when the goalie was not there a defender saved a goal already done (by the way... mine...) and at the end of the first half we managed to score: 3 - 1!

It was a hard fought first half, we were emotionally down... but we stick together and we started the second half with high expectations. And all of a sudden we were 6 - 1 (or something similar). Holy s...!!! But we started to grind it, pass after pass, miss after miss, and they started to be de-concentrated. And we got back up to 7 - 3. And they started kicking, pushing and doing all those bullshit things that a team that is not any more confident does. They were actually pretty hard with the tackles all match long, but it's fine, if you don't push it too far and risk hurting with your tackles, it's ok with me. But they started crossing that line. And I don't like it. I became vocal about that a lot (my team-mates knows that). And at one point one of them crossed the line a bit too much and was sent out for 3 minutes (a yellow card, in this tournament). And we scored. And then they scored again: 8 - 4. And here I started to feel good, to run more, push up a little more. And we scored 8 - 5. And I pressed one of them with the ball, that thought I am a small guy and he is a strong player... and protected the ball with his strong body and I don't give a shit. You push me? I push harder than you. You hit me in the face with your flailing hand? I don't care, I sneak below it (he was actually holding me while protecting the ball, but in that way both of his arms were towards me so I could simply go around him... bad defence there, man!) and took the ball and went towards the goal and... he kicked me! From behind, not to try to take the ball, but just to hit me. Well... not a big deal, not strong enough to cause me pain, but the ref sent him off (red card... yeah!!). I called him a fucking idiot, and that's not a good thing and I am not proud of it, but I never stood people that cannot lose and that try to hurt you when they are loosing. Anyway.
We scored a goal, than I scored another one, humiliating in the process the goal keeper (that was prepared to launch the ball with the feet, but I sneak behind (today it's sneaky day!) one of his team mates and put the foot in front of the ball just when he was shooting: the ball rebounded in the goal.

And then... it's all of a sudden 8 - 7 and they are 1 man down. And we push. And I took the ball at the limit of the box behind the defenders, the goalie rushed out and I dribbled him, but pushed the ball too deep and I was all of a sudden 30 cm away from the line and outside of the goal for half a meeter. And then humiliated the goalie again (I want to stop a moment now and explain the "humiliated" thing: I don't really think that there was humiliation, but probably that's what he was thinking, because he became quite pissed off): he rushed again to me, thinking I was trapped, and I simply brought up the ball above him, jump him over, landed next to the line, a defender come but I sneak the ball in the goal (today is the sneaky day, I told you). And scored! I went to collect the ball and take it up midfield because at this point I really wanted to win and there were few minutes left. And the defender (tall guy, 1.90 metres, 90 kilos) defended the ball, pushed it with his legs against the nets (the goal's one, elastic, and the fence one, steel...y). I leaned down to take it, and he still did it, and pushed me a little, but I am a fucker, and sneak it outside from his legs and tried to stand up, and he leaned against me, I tried to go towards the centre of the field and he actually jump on me and I carried him for some meters. I thought he was joking but he was really mad at me! I told him than if he wants to make love, I was not prepared (you know, I like to annoy people) and probably pissed him off even more. So... I annoy people.

And the match ended. We didn't scored another goal (I had the chance to shoot from the distance, but I chickened out and tried to get near, but missed the occasion... meaning that I should have shot with the left and I would have scored because I am that good...). So, a draw. Match finished, time to shake hands, and I, as usual, went to all of the players and started shaking hands. They were not happy, but I was enjoying them been pissed of... I am that bastard. And the tall guy shook it, but he was shitting me over in dutch, and I went to the goalkeeper, and he took my hand... and tried to hurt me tightening the hold on my hand! But... but... are we 6 year olds?!? I could not believe... he tried it again! TWO TIMES!! I called him an idiot (again... yes, it's my favourite word) and really could not believe it.


I annoy people, I know... but they annoy me more.
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