Quantum mechanics

When I was a kid, and also late in my teens, and even further in my twenties, I enjoyed reading fictions book... I am not sure if this is the correct word. Anyway, books about invented stories, not reality, not history books. I enjoyed even then the once in a while history book, or the physics manual (or ants... if that matters).

Past the thirties I started developing a taste for manuals, research papers and the such. And that's true that I can't even remember the last fiction book I have read (barring the eventual re-reading of some of my favourites like LOTR or Lem's Solaris and the Invinceble, or Garcia Marquez Cien años de soledad). I am really not sure why something like that happened. I believe it's related to my dislike of any story that ends badly: if I already know that it will end badly it's not an issue, but if I have to be passionate about the outcome and than everybody dies... no way I'd read it!

So lately I've read the history of the celts, some European early history and physics books. The latest of which happens to be an history/explanation of quantum physics that I am really enjoying.
You know, the famous Schrodinger's cat that's either dead or alive, but you will never know until you open the box... so don't open the box!
It happens that I should have studied such matter in my student life... at least at one point or the other. It happens also that... what a book! I understood things I didn't even bother to grasp in my youth! (The book is In search of Schrodinger's cat, by John Gribbin).

Other than the awe about those physics/mathematicians that developed the theory, there is the full understanding, finally, that actually we really know nothing. But mainly because we, the public, use concept of our everyday life to try to grasp something that's actually completely outside of it. There should be a physics course in everybody's life, just to have everybody understands how useless each and everybody of us is, and lower our pride to the level where... where everybody is equal and nobody deserves more than anybody else.

Fuck it... I am too deep in thoughts today... I should be drunk!
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