There's a moon over Bourbon street tonigth...

It wasn't tonight, it wasn't Bourbon Street. But indeed there had been a moon over some place (and, by the way... wonderful song from Sting, check it out!).

This morning, I woke up at the sound of the alarm (damn 8 am shift... that make me wake up before civilized hours! Like... 6:50 am!) and I opened the eyes. I let the curtain on my bedroom's window half open yesterday night (that's the nice thing of living in the north: nights during winter are usually really dark...) and a potent light was lighting up my bed. I simply lifted a bit my head and there! I saw it! There was the full moon, shining low on the horizon, but still bright and white (usually so low it's already reddish... lucky me!) and just a bit above it there was a strong star. I believe it's Venus (so, technically, a planet...), I've not checked and will not check it now. Because that's not the point.

There was the moon so bright and shining, and a shining white star just above, shooting light above my head and it was simply stunning. I had not my glasses on, and I didn't care. I am short sighted, so without glassing the most of the show was missed. But I didn't care. Probably in another moment I would have taken out the camera, or took a photo with my phone. But I didn't felt the need of doing so. I just acknowledged that there were a wonderful show outside my window, that it was simply gorgeous... and it was enough for me.

I probably were too sleepy, that could be a reason why I didn't felt the urge to put on my glasses, or took a picture or in any way try to have a better view of it. I didn't care. I cared that no one was there with me to share the beauty of it. But maybe not even that. It was simply so nice that I simply needed to know that it was beautiful.

I woke up, prepared for the day and, before leaving the apartment, I took a final look, now completely awake and "full sighted": it was beautiful.

It still is...
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