Nights are full of misteries... and void of sleep

Sometimes I would simply love to learn how to forget. I am a stupid idiot (no, I am not talking metaphorically, I really am. I know my level of intelligence is quite high, I know a lot of things, but I am really a functional idiot in this life and it has created me so many problems that it is difficult for me to have normal relations with other humans. It seems ridiculous to say something like this... but it's sadly true).

So, I was saying: sometimes I would simply love to learn to forget.

It is so easy to forget... something hurt you? You forget it? Life goes on! Somebody has been rude to you? You forget it? Life goes on!

My problem is that there are things, and of course those are the must hurtful things, that at a conscious level I have learnt to forget, but my freaking asshole sub-conscious doesn't want to. And they, of course, come back at the worst times. One of the worst times? For example: NOW! Now that I would love to go to sleep and I would need to go to sleep because else tomorrow will be a shitty Wednesday and, ok, Wednesdays are shitty already, but they are in the middle of the week and soon is Thursday and then it's Friday and it's the weekend! The only problem being that Wednesdays are my Mondays, since I work on weekends. And so tonight it's the most important night because it will set the tone for the whole of the week nights and it's gonna be shit!

So, yes, I am still thinking about you. And being contacted by the ex-boyfriend of your sister and by your sister (for two completely different reasons) on the same fucking day it doesn't help at all. Fortunately I have really enjoyed hearing from both of them... but please, world, let's agree that it's not fair.

Wink wink (and sleeping tonight will be a really difficult thing...)
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