Springtime again

Yes, I know that it's only mid February, that we are in for some cold storms, rain, snow and whatsoever. But this morning, as I woke up around 12 (yes... technically it's still morning!) there were patches of clear skies up above and the sun was lighting up Amsterdam. I could not believe it! After fifteen minutes to re-discover where I was and who I was I managed to look out of the window and one of the trees in front of the house had sprouts of flowers and young leaves. It's SPRINGTIME!! I am sorry for the tree... he will have some problems in the next weeks, but I know he is strong and will survive. Took the bike, ride along the city, through a park and to a pancake bar... to have a nice breakfast with pancakes and scrambled eggs... or better, a croissant. Bit of a delusion, I found one of the few waitress who doesn't understand English... or maybe I was still too sleepy to explain myself well. So... springtime. A time of growth, recovering, warm days and still chilly nights... maybe I could use some of that. The sun shines, the ladies are out with nice dresses, the boy are out to watch the ladies in nice dresses. Some of them just to watch the ladies, but it's not necessary to have springtime, for that. Life in the Netherlands is going along well. I woke up in the morning, take a train that in 40 minutes brings me to work, through nice countryside and nice Amsterdam (the other way round...). I work 8 hours and it's not stressing... I would say it's at the same stress as in Paris, so no stress at all, but more interesting than there (I have not watched wikipedia pages yet...). I come back home and do what I wanna do. As now, absolutely nothing! I play football as much as I can, I eat sushi as much as I can, I ride my bike as much as I can. It's nice living, easy living. The things that I need are a new apartment, a seasonal ticket for the train and some girl friends. Yes, girl[space]friends (plural). I am not use to go around only with guys... as for a girlfriend [all together] (singular) there is time.


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