Enough of negativity

So, now it's my time. Lately I've been really unhappy at work. It stresses me, I cannot stop thinking about how wrong it is and keeps me up at night (like now). I don't know why you don't like your job, but I know why I don't like mine. And there are plenty of reasons. Mainly I'm not having fun any more. There is way too much work to be done and most of the time I feel I'm alone. Probably because in the last month I can say that I've been alone! We worked in 7 people where normally we where 10/12 (and sometimes more) and we kept the same quality and the same standards. But it's been for too long and now I've emptied my tanks... and my "Thanks" too! :D I'm not happy any more and at the reception could be a stress to fake every day a smile. Then I feel I'm not appreciated enough. And also I feel that I'm working with f*cking idiots. Big, big, big assholes, all of them in high positions and so they could really mess things around. I'm a stupid socialist, I cannot stand people telling me that we are in trouble when we keep earning a lot of money... stupid morons! And so... what's the conclusion?!? If I had been in my early thirties (or better in my late twenties!!) I had just said bye to everybody and quit. But I'm getting old and the job market it's closing it's doors soon in front of me, so I had to keep closing my nose to the shit and wait for a good opportunity. But it's sure that I'll be out of this job in few weeks/months. And so my life will rejoice!! I hate this world we are in, too many people in too high positions dominate us and we have no choice than play their game. I hate it! And, being rational as I am, I know there is nothing we can really do... just wait and hope for the best (something will change, that's for sure, but the game now it's outside of the people field...). Ok, now it's enough of negativity.
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