Una Scintilla nella notte - A Sparkling night!

Don't know if you know, but a while ago I bought a HP TouchPad and I was quite happy about it. I didn't pay it the 500 dollars it should have costed (but neither the 199 it was sold lately... but just slightly more so I'm satisfied) and it filling its function that's surfing the internet and not that much more.

And then... yesterday, THIS!

What's "this"?!? Well, it's a new tablet that will hit the market in may. It's a tablet! It's new! It's open (but really open, as you'll have the choice to install other OSes as you like!)! It's cool!! And it runs Linux!
Wow... ... the TouchPad already runs Linux (webOS has the linux kernel)... but this is not a dead OS like webOS seems to be. Here is the project. Mmmm... what to do?!?
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