HP TouchPad and WebOS... And some euros too...

A month ago I was surfing the web when I noticed a news: HP was about to sell its TouchPad for 99$ or 199$ again (original price was around 500$). 99 was for 16Gb and 199 for 32Gb version respectively.
I was excited. Wanted to have a tablet since the iPad one days, but also I was not willing to pay 500 dollars... and I'm no more an Apple guy: I still think some of their products are incredible, but their policy is a thing I'm not willing to accept any more.
So I was looking for something different: a Android tablet? A Nook? I had already heard about HP's tablet and it inspired me. A tablet with a linux flavour on it, a real dream!
But 500 euros/dollars...

Then I went to a friend's house and seen he has got an iPad... I decided I wanted a tablet... NOW! I tried to buy one during the one time sellout on ebay... and failed! But I was there, I'd already created an ebay account, already I had tried to buy, felt the power, the chill of auctioning! And there where a new TouchPad for just 290 dollars! Ok, it was 100 more than the offer price, but still 300 less than the full price... I doubted 5 minutes... I fought against myself... and I lost! Now I'm writing this with it. It's a bit heavy, but it's fine. I navigate the web, I chat and blog with it... It's working nice! 
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