4 days into 2012

The end of the world is already coming... 

... ok, I'm joking.

Let's start with the balance of this 2012 until now: it sucks!
A lot of bad news around us, Sabayon will not load the kernel from Grub2, nor Chakra will find a way to boot.
Luckily I just found out that awn works also in Gnome-Shell, so I have some light ahead.

Weellll... and tonight I've seen Gran Canaria and El Teide from Morro Jable's harbour and it was a great view (I should have already bought that damn photo camara!!)... but still the night is a bit sad.

This year will see some changes (finally, I say!!) and it is a bit sad. The future is bright and the past has been. So what I am writing of? Nothing... and nobody.

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