Life could be longer...

... but maybe it is better as it is.
70 years of struggling and fighting and suffering are quite enough. Lucky are those few moments where everything is just perfect and one can feel all of the power of happyness this world can bring. Once one understands that happyness is not a place but a state of mind and colors and sounds (not to forget about smells) just rejoice. Sadly we discover these thing just living through a mess of errors and mistakes that make us lose time... and chances... and people... and places.
No one knows when and where he will understand and no one could help on understanding it, it is just waking up one day and find out: "It's here. It's now!"
Ane maybe the day after you'll forget it, but the seed is inside your mind and will keep growing. So... here and now is where you are, always. And no other place is better than here and than now. The happyness is inside of you and there is no other place to look for it, no other person and no other time. Just grab your own soul and live it.
Everything will come by itself. No lies, no tricks. Just live.
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