(Stand) Running life: 2017

We are back. And it's cold. And you are not gonna see me running outside because are you f****ing crazy?!?

But... 2017 brought 2 new seasons, but also 1 day of rest in between of them. That's a nice gift, I suppose.

Also it brought me 2 weeks of rest (following 2 weeks of rest at end of November/beginning of December). So I should have been slightly overweight (I am, I can confirm you this before hand), but also basically healthy (I am not, spoiler...).

So yesterday first match of the season. My groin injury is still there... I've been basically playing left footed in the last 2 months, and it seems I will be doing the same in the foreseeable future if things won't improve.

So, new seasons started, I'm overweight and getting near to be 1 year older (than when? Who cares, I'm trying to make a point here), some old injuries are still there (also ankle and knee... always there, lucky me) and I want to kick some asses, because I've been fed up about being kicked.

The first part of this is train more, the second is stop complaining and thinking that the game should be played following the rule of the law.

Training, since now is f****ing cold, means exercise at home. Half an hour or three quarter of an hour each day, or each every other day. Today? Done! Tomorrow... will see.

The second part is even trickier... I've been a nice and cool player for too long to believe that I'm gonna change my way of playing in such a short time. But at least the mindset is there. Let's see...
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