Time and the Past

Relaxing in Italy after almost an year passed, still it is not easy.

The past is still hunting back, fighting to hold its position in my memory and winning it easily. No one, no one thing, no one thought can send away memories, sensations and feelings that have been part of me for so long.

Life is easy. Life changes every day, every moment and any moment is a different one, a different way of facing the sun, feeling the rain on the skin and looking at the moon's shadows. Forgetting is a slow descent in oblivion that never ends, because memories come back, pieces of life past resurface and float in the oceans of everyday happenings. Like the old fisherman who catches only his dreams, memories spring out of the water with a flash of droplets and splash back again in the dark water.

Never again will be? Or never again will I forget? Time come and go, seconds went by and became hours, became days and months that separate different experiences and nothing changes, nothing move on, nothing will never be the same.

And still it's life, it's going on inch by inch (inches are everywhere...) and it is separating me from what happened, from my life with you and a new life where you are forgotten and forgiven (and myself too).

The Past is still an heavy friend, a huge mountain of strong and stern feelings that will keep on getting weaker... and stronger at the same time. It will be easier because they will come back fewer and fewer... but the times they will appear the shot will sound louder.

Till the they they will take everything away...
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