Amsterdam: 8 months and counting

And... yes!

I am settled. Nice apartment, in a nice neighbourhood, a job to pay the bills and look at the future in a little less scared way (everybody knows, I've got the scared eyes of a deer...) and life is going on as it should.

Of course, life is going on as it should because I have no steering ability at all... but I am used to it. It's more or less 8 years, since I left Italy, that I have no power on my destiny. Every time I fight for something, I end up losing it. It's a bit unsettling, I have to say, but "Hey, what the f**k!" it's a phrase I repeated so much in my head that now it's simply another of my inner jokes.

As far as trying to shape my future, I am now restrained to the choice of my socks and to hoping to manage to maybe get back to a less-horrible shade of fitness. And I am taking the helm of it in these days... I started training for almost 2 hours every Monday and Tuesday (my off days). Today should be the 3rd day... and it menaces rain... but I don't care, I will go even under heavy precipitation!
So far the (in the meanwhile it just started raining... 

lucky me) result of my steering power is a set of horrible socks and aches everywhere. Today if I turn the head down my legs ache (it's not the legs... but I will not be more specific, it's around there). My right knee is telling me "STOOOOPPP!!!" in a nice whisper and my ankles gently weep every evening. It's a fun situation.

And... am I missing something? Ah... well, life is going on well in this nice and warm city.


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